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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

May 8, 2023

Niching down is definitely something you have heard on this podcast before, but our guest today, Rachel Brenke, takes niching to a whole other level. She is the founder of The Law Tog, Fit Legally, and Rachel Brenke. Her expertise allows her to help businesses monetize their niche market by selling before making it and coming up with unique selling positions.

Rachel is a jack of all trades; she is a serial entrepreneur and lawyer and Ironman championship competitor. She earned her degree after becoming an entrepreneur, which she started in the mid-2000s during the height of MySpace. After earning her law degree, Rachel set out to help people start and grow their businesses by niching down.

Tune in to hear Rachel’s story…

[01:12] Introduction to Rachel Brenke

[02:07] Background on Rachel

[04:08] History of Rachel’s businesses

[06:22] How to tap into and monetize your niche market.

[11:26] Framework on narrowing down your niche

[15:07] Approaching a unique selling position

[17:39] Expanding from being the Contract Queen

[20:00] Sell it before you make it

[23:26] Final words of wisdom

[24:29] Favorite growth tool

[24:56] Favorite book

[26:33] Connect with Rachel


Connect with Rachel:







Rachel’s Favorite Business Tool:

Rachel’s Favorite Book:

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by: Robert B Cialdini PhD


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