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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Jun 26, 2023

Today I am sharing 3 tips for establishing a high growth culture in your business. These are the things that I have done to stimulate growth over the last 25 years as an entrepreneur. So grab a pen and paper then take down some notes people.


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Jun 19, 2023

In this episode, I'm gonna share with you 3 reasons why you need to be doing a LIVE video. Live video has literally changed the way I do business and has translated to a ton of new customers. Now it's your turn so enjoy the show!


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Jun 12, 2023

A merger and acquisitions expert, Michelle has perfected her craft and is now regarded as a leader in the industry. In this episode, she dissects the 6P method to sell your business; people, product, process, proprietary, patrons, and profits.

Michelle is the founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Inc. She’s gained over 20...

Jun 5, 2023

Founder of Recruiter Mill, Ugis Balmaks, the objective is to help small businesses find A-players for their team. Through many years of trial and error, Ugis has developed the skill to find the best candidate and learned what distinguishes an A-player from a C-player. In this episode, Ugis breaks down the fundamentals...