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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

May 1, 2023

Built To Scale is a paid performance company that helps e-commerce business scale their ads. In this episode, Direct response marketing expert and CEO Jeremy Gillespie shares his triple threat method to scaling an e-commerce brand using primarily YouTube ads. He breaks it down into three simple steps: creative aspect, account structure, and landing pages and details an in-depth process into building landing pages.

Jeremy began his career in the world of start-ups in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He fell into the growth market field with a focus on paid media. During his time there, he learned distinctive ad strategies to generate business which eventually led him to work for LinkedIn. Years later, Jeremy relocates to San Francisco to build Built To Scale and has since accumulated ten years of experience under his belt.

Tune in to hear Jeremy’s story…

[01:07] Introduction to Jeremy Gillespie

[02:11] Background

[03:40] Scaling e-commerce brands

[05:01] Vetting a successful product

[07:31] Triple threat method to scale an e-commerce brand

[09:04] 1st - The Creative Structure

[14:44] 2nd - Account Structure

[19:48] 3rd - Landing pages

[22:44] Process for the landing page

[25:42] Favorite growth tool

[26:16] Favorite book

[26:46] Connect with Jeremy


Connect with Jeremy:

Jeremy’s Favorite Business Tool:

Jeremy’s Favorite Book:

  • The Lean Startup by Eric Ries


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