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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Oct 10, 2022

Peter Levitan is a consultant for advertising, digital, and public relations agencies, helping them to build kick-ass business development programs. He’s also the host of the Advertising Stories podcast. Peter is here to discuss his consulting work as well as some of the concepts he shared in his book, The Levitan Pitch, with a focal point of selling enterprise accounts virtually. Tune in to learn tips and techniques for mastering the virtual pitch, along with how you can make a lasting impression by leveraging a powerful “leave behind” before or after your virtual business meeting.

You don’t need to throw away the fundamentals of sales, building rapport, and nurturing business relationships to successfully pitch in a virtual space. In fact, you should keep those fundamentals in mind and make minor adjustments to keep them relevant. Throughout the conversation, Peter emphasizes understanding technological barriers, utilizing stagecraft to be unignorable, and prioritizing body language and eye contact in online communication. Are you ready to master the virtual pitch this year?

During this interview, we discuss:

2:38 – Peter’s background

2:47 – The inspiration and mission behind The Levitan Pitch

5:34 – How does the classic concept of pitching and selling large enterprise accounts translate into the modern world? How do business owners embrace that change?

9:16 – The best advice for navigating virtual business meetings and sales presentations

12:35 – Have you ever used your skills to raise capital? + More on crafting your Zoom call

15:47 – The importance of body language and eye contact in virtual communication

17:08 – Recording and sending informative videos ahead of your virtual meeting

18:47 – What to do after a virtual business meeting: Tips for extending the digital experience beyond one call

20:32 – How Peter leveraged “leave behind” by making a microsite for his client

25:24 – The power of bringing in 3rd party voices to reinforce your discussion

26:21 – Peter’s favorite business growth tools

27:35 – His most recommended book

28:21 – How to connect with Peter

Plus, a whole lot more!


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