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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Feb 22, 2021

Hamlet Azarian is senior growth advisor and numerical, results-driven executive who blends marketing, technical, and operational skills to deliver long-term, scalable growth for traditional, direct mail, and digital companiesHamlet is here to discuss a Facebook and Google ad hack that he’s discovered and proven successful in reducing your per lead costs by up to 10x. 

Tune in to learn a hack for getting new clients after starting a business and how the growth tool he developed works.  

During this interview, we discuss: 

2:34 – How Hamlet helps his clients + What led him to working with technical growth 

4:56 – How Hamlet got his first few clients + A hack for getting clients  

7:42 – The breakdown of his Facebook and Google ad hacks 

13:30 – The difference between online data and offline data + How to supplement data to optimize ads 

17:36 – Experimenting with open targeting 

20:17 – The breakdown of his Google ad hack 

20:35 – Hamlet’s favorite growth tool + How it works 

23:38 – His most recommended book 

24:13 – How to connect with Hamlet 

Plus, a whole lot more! 


Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown 

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