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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Nov 14, 2022

Bill Durrant is the Founder and President of the fasting growing full-service media agency in the world and Ad Age’s Small Agency of the Year, Exverus Media. Bill and Exverus empower growth-stage, culture-creating brands through data, creativity, and insight-driven media planning. He develops creative media ideas and grows brands that he believes in. On top of that, he’s the author of a new book, Digital Stone Age.

Is TV dead? Despite the rise of digital media and advertising, Bill is here to discuss what’s really working to drive growth in business, giving us the scientific research behind why we need to execute a balance of traditional brand building tactics with modern, digital brand building tactics.

Tune in to learn the best way to grow a brand in 2021 and beyond, why it’s importance to stay ahead of measuring and understanding success, and what advertising strategies businesses with smaller budgets should be using.

During this interview, we discuss:

2:08 – The inspiration behind Bill’s book, Digital Stone Age

3:32 – Bill’s entrepreneurial journey + How his agency has growth in the past decade

5:31 – The most effective way to grow a brand in 2021 + Binet and Field study

10:04 – Is TV dead or are agencies just trying to push digital advertising too much?

11:26 – How brands with smaller budgets and investment levels benefit from the same media strategies as large companies

13:16 – Shifts in media and marketing to be aware of in 2021 and beyond

16:19 – Where is TV going and how is television going to compete with other media channels?

18:27 – How to be one step ahead of measuring and understanding success

20:25 – Data and privacy concerns + Technological innovations in privacy

24:39 – Bill’s takeaway about the mindset needed for building your brand effectively

25:23 – Bill’s favorite growth tool + How it works

26:10 – His most recommended book

26:42 – How to connect with Bill and get a copy of his book

Plus, a whole lot more!


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