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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Aug 8, 2022

Oliver Chwojko is Growth Experts’ resident Google Ad Expert and works with Triple R Marketing. Oliver is here to discuss our new remarketing campaign and to explain how to generate leads and sales by using Google Ads in the cold traffic, where it can scale up. We break down the purpose and strategy behind this basic search campaign and even dive into Google’s new campaign for increasing brand awareness and engagement, Discovery Campaigns.

Tune in to learn about the update that Google is launching soon for credit-related ads, the biggest factor to consider when launching Google Ads, and how we’re using a quiz and a webinar as strategic parts of the marketing funnel to achieve a specific goal in the campaign. Stay connected with Growth Experts to see the results of our campaign!

During this interview, we discuss:

2:05 – Introducing our campaign study

3:10 – The first step in creating a cold audience list from existing traffic

4:09 – Creating brand awareness with keywords

4:47 – The goal of the campaign + Their strategic plan for reaching that goal

7:40 – Oliver’s thoughts when I shared this idea with him

8:53 – Why our ads stand out (in a non-salesy way)

10:34 – Breaking even as a win: Return on ADSPEND

12:15 – The purpose of this basic search campaign

12:39 – The biggest factor to consider when launching Google Ads

13:08 – Data Oliver is gathering based on different audiences

15:12 – Google’s new type of campaign for increasing brand awareness and engagement: Discovery Campaigns

16:47 – Update on zip code targeting with ads about credit-related products

18:21 – How to contact Oliver

Plus, a whole lot more!

Oliver's Website:

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Call or Text Oliver: (941) 356-4481


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