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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Dec 20, 2021

Amy Balliet is the CEO and Founder of Killer Visual Strategies, a nationally leading creative content agency. She is the author of Killer Visual Strategies, which provides an essential guide to visual communications and visual content marketing. She’s also a teacher, lecturer, and speaks at dozens of conferences a year. Amy is here to talk to us about how to grow a business 49% faster and the powerful role that visual content creation plays in this growth.

During this interview, we discuss:

2:33 – Amy’s journey to starting Killer Visual Strategies

4:41 – Amy shares insight into the size of the business.

6:23 – Growing your business 49% faster: Where does this statistic come from?

7:17 – What makes effective visual content marketing and why it matters

10:44 – The importance of visual graphics with written content + How Buzzfeed grew so fast

12:40 – We are instinctually visual communicators.

14:55 – Amy divulges her rules for improving your content to grow faster.

21:36 – Types of content that converts well

24:40 – Examples of how people use widgets effectively

27:46 – Impressions are based on design, including form and function.

29:35 – Amy shares her favorite growth driver.

31:12 – Her most recommended book

Plus, a whole lot more!

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