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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Feb 27, 2020

Ed Vincent is the founder and CEO of Festival Pass which is a flat rate monthly subscription service that allows members unlimited access to festivals. Long history as a data entrepreneur including head of data for MoviePass.

During this interview we discuss:

- How and why Ed decided to launch Festival Pass.

- He shares his experience and what he learned during his time as head of data at MoviePass.

- Then we discuss how Ed and his team plan to grow Festival Pass to $40 million ARR in 2020.

- He shares 2 key metrics required in order to scale the business profitably.

- Ed shares his 2 fold customer acquisition strategy.

- The importance and focus on local media to generate new subscribers.

- How they plan to leverage PR to create awareness and drive subscriptions.

- Ed talks about a unique customer acquisition strategy that involved a corporate employee retention program.  

- He shares how they are leveraging equity to procure large media partnerships.

- We talk about how Festival Pass is aggregating event partners.

- The economic breakdown of how the Festival Pass can afford to offer access to events on a flat rate basis.

- Ed shares his favorite growth tool/software.

- He recommends one of his favorite books to the audience.

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