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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Oct 22, 2018

David is the Co-Founder and CEO of Drift, where he is helping everyone know, grow, and amaze their customers. Prior Experience: He previously founded Compete, Lookery, Ghostery, and Performable. Most recently, after the Acquisition of Performable by HubSpot, David was the Chief Product Officer responsible for re-architecting the engineering team and HubSpots products.

He is active in the Boston tech community investing in and advising organizations like Charles River Ventures, Spark Capital, NextView Ventures, DormRoom Fund, EverTrue, Visible Measures, Yottaa, and HelpScout. Skills & Expertise: David is passionate about building amazing products for Marketers. Interests: SaaS, building teams, patents.

During out interview we discuss:

- Talks about how and why he raised $107 million in venture funding.

- David talks about how how they grew from 20 people in 2017 to 250 people in 2018.

- Then David talks about the the top 2 strategies Drift uses to acquire new customers.

- We dissect Drift's strategy for converting event attendees into inbound sales.

- Hind sight being 20/20, David shares what he would do differently to grow faster if he could start Drift all over again.

- David shares the biggest challenge Drift has faced since launching the business.

- He shares his favorite growth tool/software.

- Then David recommends one of his favorite books to you my audience.

David's website: