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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

May 21, 2018

Ray Leone was the top salesman for two International organizations using the Sales Funnel® system that he developed and now teaches all around the world his system. Today he is an award winning consultant, business owner, author and sought after speaker.

During our interview we discuss:

- Ray shares why he plays high stakes poker and how sales and poker are very similar.

- He shares how he has read over 2,000 books in his life and how it directly relates back to his success in business.

- He talks about how he migrated from the #1 swimming pool salesman in the world to one of the top sales speakers/trainers in the world earning over 7 figures per year.

- Ray shares how one speaking event at a local chamber event generated him over $10 million in new clients.

- He talks about why people struggle getting customers from speaking and how his system for getting clients is different and why it works.

- Ray shares the #1 way to differentiate yourself as a sales person.

- He shares his favorite growth tool/software.

- Ray also shares several of his favorite books.

Ray's website and contact info:

Email Ray at