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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Jan 31, 2020

Luis Congdon is the host of the Thriving Launch podcast, an author/writer, consultant, speaker and internet marketer.  He specializes helping entrepreneurs with their relationships. 

During our interview we discuss:

- Why entrepreneurs with good relationships at home are healthier, happier and generally more balanced and successful.

- Luis shares the right way and the wrong way to talk to another person about an issue or problem you want to address.

- We talk about examples of highly successful companies and how and why relationships are a key component to success.

- He shares example of how turmoil and arguing at home impacts our productivity and satisfaction at work.

- Four scientifically studied behaviors that lead to break ups, divorce and lost relationships.

- Luis shares some small changes in your strategy and language to improve your communications and relationships.

- Why are 69% relationship problems are perpetual problems?

- Luis talks about a strategy called "love mapping" which anyone can use to enhance your personal relationships.

- Plus a whole lot more.

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Luis's websites:

Free Love Mapping Tool 


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