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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Jan 25, 2021

Dan Lok is a serial entrepreneur, author, eight-figure business owner, and an expert in copywriting. Dan is back on the show to discuss his scalable copywriting formula and the strategy he designed to work for modern copywriting in 2020 and beyondHe also divulges expert advice on how to bring longevity and the ability to pivot to your business. 

Tune in to learn what copywriting truly is and why it’s important for selling on social media, as well as how to narrow down your messaging to be extremely effective and attractive. Everything is easier when you have a strong hook and Dan believes words are the true currency of business. Do you agree? 

During this interview, we discuss: 

2:26 – What Dan is working on right now  

3:33 – Unique software he has acquired and launched recently  

5:00 – A bit about Dan’s background + What is copywriting? 

8:07 – The difference between old school copywriting and modern copywriting 

10:47 – The importance of effective copywriting on social media 

13:11 – How Dan approaches copywriting in a scalable format + What is your unique mechanism? 

20:17 – Dan’s candid thoughts on direct response copywriting and branding 

22:42 – Leveraging the Brand Triangle: Personal brand, company brand, and product brand 

27:23 – The importance of learning the fundamentals and proper skills of copywriting + Hiring and working with copywriters 

31:04 – A few simple tricks anyone can use to make sure their copy is effective 

24:37 – How to connect with Dan 

Plus, a whole lot more! 


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