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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Jun 13, 2019

Jon MacDonald is founder and President of The Good, a conversion rate optimization firm that helps brands convert more of their existing website traffic into buyers. The Good has unlocked results for some of the largest online brands including Adobe, Nike, Xerox, The Economist, and more. Jon regularly contributes content on
conversion optimization to publications like Entrepreneur and Inc.

During our interview we discuss:

- How and why he started down the path of conversion rate optimization.

- What is conversion rate optimization?

- Jon shares the #1 strategy they use to get new clients

- We talk about how Jon has been able to differentiate their business which has led to significant growth.

- Jon shares how by leveraging data driven decisions are the key to improve optimization.

- The 4 different types of data that all businesses should be tracking.

- The importance of user testing to gather data and feedback.

- Jon shares why copying your competitors is not a good idea or winning strategy.

- Jon shares his favorite tool/software.

- He recommends one of his favorite books.

- Plus a whole lot more.

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