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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Sep 28, 2020

Dr. Angela Lauria is the Founder of The Author Incubator and the creator of the Difference Process for writing a book that mattersAngela details the framework for how to write a book in 24-48 hours, even if you hate writing. She explains how to figure out the best topic to write about, creating the structural outline for your book, when and how to write your book in a timely manner, and why using a reward system is a great method of setting yourself up for success. Angela also offers great advice for not taking too long to write your book and how to ensure you get your book published by a certain time. 

During this interview, we discuss: 

00:53 – A bit about Angela’s background and the topic of today’s episode 

5:47 – The Author Incubator’s services + Direct Response  

7:27 – What channel she uses the most to get leads 

8:19 – Are more people writing books because they have time during the coronavirus quarantines? + Pivoting to virtual events and reorganizing her business 

11:04 – How to win $100 just for listening to this podcast! 

12:08 – How to write a book in 24-48 hours: The hardest thing is picking a book topic effectively 

16:10 – Coming up with an easy structure for your book + Incorporating your personality  

19:57 – Figuring out when and how to write your book in a timely manner + Tips for not taking too long to write it 

23:29 – Changing your mindset on writing books 

25:34 – Another way to write your book: One chapter per week for 12 weeks 

27:17 – Setting yourself up for success: Use a reward system 

29:23 – Angela’s #1 piece of advice regarding publishing 

30:34 – Angela eliminated her email to increase productivity?! 

32:11 – Her most recommended book 

33:27 – How to get in touch with Angela 

Plus, a whole lot more!

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The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks


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