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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

May 27, 2019

Michelle Molitor is the founder and CEO of Nectar Consulting, Inc., Michele works with executives and entrepreneurs bringing over 25 years of experience, intuitive insights and strategic business savvy to your success. 

During our interview we discuss:

- Monica shares her top 2 channels that she is leveraging to get new clients for her coaching business.

- We talk about where limiting beliefs come from and how your subconscious is not designed to make you happy but it there to keep you alive.

- She shares how our brains like what's known and even if its uncomfortable it will keep you there until you are willing to get out of your comfort zone.

- Monica shares how our subconscious controls 90%+ of our thought process and controls our actions.

- We talk about some of the most common limiting beliefs that she sees when working with entrepreneurs.

- Monica shares the here step by step process that she uses to help people get past their limiting beliefs to start seeing HUGE breakthroughs.

- She shares and recommends on of her favorite books.

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