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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Oct 18, 2021

Founder of Recruiter Mill, Ugis Balmaks, the objective is to help small businesses find A-players for their team. Through many years of trial and error, Ugis has developed the skill to find the best candidate and learned what distinguishes an A-player from a C-player. In this episode, Ugis breaks down the fundamentals on what to look for in a candidate, how to research them, ways to drive applications, and details on the filtering process.

Ugis is based out of Budapest, Hungary. After running and selling a 7-figure iPhone photography business, he discovered a niche in the market for recruitment. Having already learned what the challenges are when hiring, Ugis launched Recruiter Mill in 2020 with a goal of helping businesses finding top 1% players.


Tune in to hear Ugis's Story...

[00:00] Introduction to Ugis Balmaks


[01:57] What is Recruiter Mill?


[02:54] iPhone photography business


[03:30] Recruiter Mill


[04:55] The difference between an A player and a B player


[06:28] Framework on hiring A talent


[09:18] Research your desired candidate


[10:17] Drive applications


[16:14] Filtering process


[20:09] A players vs C players


[23:19] Final words of wisdom


[24:45] Favorite tool


[25:20] Favorite book


[25:44] Connect with Ugis



Connect with Ugis:



Ugis’ Favorite Business Tool:

Help Scout


Ugis’ Favorite Book:

Scaling Up By Vernie Harnish


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