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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Jul 11, 2019

Garrett Mehrguth is the CEO and co-founder of Directive, a the leading B2B and enterprise search marketing agency. They currently have a YoY growth rate of 300%, and have expanded rapidly with locations in NYC, LA, Austin, and even the UK! 

During our interview we discuss:

- Garrett talks about why he suggest that entrepreneurs should not compare

- He shares the #1 strategy they use to get new clients today.

- We discuss the keys to landing B2B enterprise clients.

- Garrett talks about his swimming upstream strategy for getting new clients.

- He shares his "discoverability" theory and strategy when it comes to ranking for B2B search terms.

- He shares how B2B marketers are tracking all the wrong metrics when it comes to search and what metrics they should be tracking.

- Garrett shares how anyone listening can start leveraging his "discoverability" strategy to start ranking for highly difficult keywords.

- Why focusing on lower CPA can be a huge mistake and how to fix it.

- Garrett shares his favorite growth tool/software.

- He recommends to the audience one of his favorite business books.

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