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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Feb 24, 2020

Anthony Sarandrea went from door to door sales to growing a company that does over $100k/day in revenue. He currently runs a portfolio of websites in the financial niche including He's also been featured as one of the top “under 30 year old” entrepreneurs and was featured along side Snapchat’s founder Evan Spiegel as one of the “Entrepreneurs that are changing the world”.

During our interview we discuss:

- Anthony shares the business super power he wishes he had.

- The importance of understanding your customers "real why" and how to uncover them.

-  Anthony talks about how and why he focuses on top of the funnel marketing with both organic and paid channels.

- How to move top of the funnel leads down the funnel and convert them into an inbound leads.

- Why Anthony decided to focus on driving leads to his partners vs trying to sell them all internally.

- We talk about a video marketing strategy that is working really well for his business.

- The importance of disrupting peoples patterns when it comes to marketing.

- Anthony shares his #1 paid marketing channel including why.

- He shares his favorite growth tool/software.

- Anthony recommends one of his favorite books.

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