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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Nov 29, 2019

Gabrielle Chipeur is a marketing automation specialists and author. She just released a NEW book called "Secret Weapon - Attract the best clients, charge what you're worth and fall in love with your business again"

During this interview we discuss:

- One things Gabrielle really sucks at that most people would be surprised about.

- Gabrielle shares how he 3X' d her business by creating a referral engine. 

- The importance of changing your mindset when it comes to getting referrals.

- We discuss the best times to ask for referrals.

- Gabrielle shares her favorite way to ask clients for referrals.

- The importance of not being pushy or salesy when asking for referrals.

- Another key component to getting referrals is the "incentive" but Gabrielle has a secret way to get her clients to give her multiple referrals.

- We talk about the importance of setting referrals goals and the power of tracking your success.

- Gabrielle shares her favorite growth tool/software.

- She recommends one of her favorite books to the audience.

Gabrielle's websites:

Secret Weapon Book

Free Secret Weapon Audio Book


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