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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

May 17, 2021

Reid Lappin is the Founder & CEO at Vokal, a product growth consultancy based in Chicago, IL. Vokal helps non-digital organizations measure and invest like venture capitalists, as well as design, build, & optimize like start-ups. Reid shares how Vokal helps businesses compete in the unique digital economy. Additionally, Reid provides his best tips for attracting top talent and creating a healthy business.  

Recently featured in Comparably’s list of Best CEOs, Reid Lapin is the founder of Vokal, a product growth consultancy helping your favorite businesses compete in the digital era. Reid is also a Partner at Fresh from the Hills Produce and a Mentor at the Food Foundry.  Previously, Reid was the Founder of Mobile Makers Academy, an iOS bootcamp in Chicago.  

Tune in to hear Reid’s exciting story… 

2:19 – What is Vokal? 3 Buckets for Quantitative Growth 

3:19 – Being the Best Option vs. Being the Only Option   

5:58 – Why you need multiple playbooks 

7:30 – Track Record vs. MBA 

8:58 – Buyer Behavior…What you need to know 

10:48 – Creating a self-generating talent engine  

12:10 – Evolving into the modern digital economy  

13:23 – Leveraging LinkedIn for outreach 

14:20 – Now hiring! Product Engineers, Data engineers, Growth & Performance Marketers, Designers 

15:00 – Wealth & Wisdom from the CEO in the recruiting process 

16:08 – What’s not working…  

18:14 – Engineering your Finances to attract top talent 

19:38 – Sharing the upside  

22:13- Profit Sharing & Equity Programs  

23:55 - Retention through Culture, People, and Momentum 

24:50 – The Mission & The Metrics 

25:40 – Reid’s Favorite Tools & Books 


Connect with Reid Lappin… 

LinkedIn: Reid Lappin  


Reid’s Favorite Books: 

Work Rules by Laszlo Bock (Formerly Senior VP of People Operations at Google, Inc.) 

Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull (President of Pixar Animation & Disney Animation) 

Reid’s Favorite Growth Tool:  

Creating Content on LinkedIn  


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