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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Apr 17, 2023

Co-founder of Designhill, Rahul Aggarwal, unveils how he found an untapped market and scaled it into a massive online platform that holds design 300k professionals in over 100 countries, all by taking a different SEO and content marketing approach. We get into the best three strategies for profitable content marketing, including a bonus strategy involving customer reviews. 

Born in a 3rd generation entrepreneur family, Rahul knew he was destined for business. When he returned from university, he got together with his father and grandfather to build a business that needed branding and design, though to his surprise, this task ended up being an uphill battle. It was from this experience that birthed the idea of Designhill.  

Tune in to hear Rahul’s story…  

01:06 Introduction to Rahul Aggarwal 

01:51 Designhill 

03:44 Inspiration for Designhill  

06:37 SEO and content marketing  

10:18 Making it profitable  

14:39 Three strategies for profitable content marketing 

18:43 Traffic through SEO 

20:42 Get reviews! 

22:00 Favorite growth tool 

23:23 Favorite book 

24:52 Connect with Rahul 


Connect with Rahul:  

Rahul’s Favorite Business Tool:   

Rahul’s Favorite Book:   

  • Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets by Christopher Lockheed


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