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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Apr 10, 2023

Serial entrepreneur Jeremy Parker took one look at the promotional product industry, saw the cracks, modernized it, and built a multi-million dollar company from it. In this episode, Jeremy shows us how he swept off its antiquated roots and into today's success using two simple marketing hacks that anyone can adopt.  

Jeremy graduated from college as a documentary filmmaker; coming right out of college, he worked for MD Sport, one of the largest promotional product companies. During his time there, Jeremy had already started his first company, Tilt Media, which was later bought out by a publicly-traded company. In 2016, he launched and has now done six years of business.  

Tune in to hear Jeremy’s story…  

[01:14] Introduction to Jeremy Parker 

[02:17] genesis 

[03:53] Tippt media

[07:39] Marketing hack Part 1 - Purchasing of name up front 

[11:19] Marketing hack Part 2 – Getting your name out there 

[15:18] Offline viral loop 

[22:06] Favorite growth tool 

[22:44] Favorite book  

[24:36] Connect with Jeremy   


Connect with Jeremy:  

Jeremy’s Favorite Business Tool:   

  • Hubspot

Jeremy’s Favorite Book:   

  • Living with a SEAL – Jesse Itzler


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