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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Mar 20, 2023

Scaling a business in the middle of a pandemic can’t possibly be an easy feat, but Dan Morris did it. With help from his team over at Mind Racer, Dan was able to help a sass company 5x their business using what he calls the four R’s; review, refine, roll out, repeat (and replace). This is only a dent in a goal that is positively impacting 1,000 businesses by 2025. 

Dan is an investor, advisor, and growth expert, and being the youngest of four high-performing siblings meant consistently needing to overachieve. Though he had no desire to pursue higher education, Dan focused on perfecting what he was good at; selling. Through this, he earned the trust of entrepreneurs, which in turn resulted in promotions and access to greater opportunities. 

Tune in to hear Dan’s story… 

[01:10] Introduction to Dan Morris  

[01:50] Case study 

[02:32] Backstory 

[05:46] Biggest changes between pre-pandemic, mid pandemic, and present time 

[08:41] Mindracer process 

[10:33] The four R’s process: review, refine, roll out, repeat 

[13:52] Refine and Roll-out 

[16:24] Review to rolling it out  

[19:19] Review is always the most important thing to change 

[22:21] Biggest changes made that allowed sass company to 5x  

[25:24] Establish and keep going 

[26:40] Favorite growth tool 

[27:19] Book 

[28:00] Connect with Dan 

[29:10] Outro 


Connect with Dan:  

Dan’s Favorite Business Tool:   

  • Hubspot 

Dan’s Favorite Book:   

  • The ONE thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan 


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