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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Jan 16, 2023

Moms will do anything for their kids…and Susie Carder is no exception. A single mom of two daughters, Susie was struggling to make ends meet as a hairdresser. Determined to give them (and herself) the best life possible, she got on the “whatever it takes plan.” Little did she know this plan would soon turn into 5 multi-million-dollar companies and two 10 million+ dollar businesses. We discuss how Susie’s sales & business strategies allowed her to scale her businesses to exponential success.

Recently featured in The New York Times, Forbes Magazine, and the Associated Press, Susie Carder is the creator of radical business strategies that have helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve exponential growth and triple their profits. She is the creator of 10 organizations and the author of Power your Profit.

Currently, Susie coaches small business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs in professional management and efficiency to streamline channels of profit for companies. Previously, Susie was president and COO of Motivating the Masses, Inc., an international transformation and training company for small business owners led by Lisa Nichols. 

Tune in to hear Susie’s amazing story…

1:08 – Susie’s story from hairdresser to owner of two 10-million-dollar businesses

4:45 – How Susie created a 7-figure launch during the pandemic (+ you can too!)

6:18 – Why 98% of businesses never hit 7 figures…

7:50 – You’re not charging enough! (And getting the plan on paper)

9:11 – Who is your ideal qualified candidate?

11:27 – Stop marketing to your fans…

13:19 – Being accountable to the numbers… This is how you price your services!

15:15 – Summary of Susie’s Steps: Step 1 -Getting the Plan on Paper; Step 2 Finding Ideal Qualified Candidates; Step 3 – Being accountable to the numbers

15:53 – How managing units (not dollars) is the key to 7 figures

17:39 – Steal Susie’s sales script!

19:48 – You’re making it too hard… But the details still matter

23:15 – Favorite tool for business (Trello); Favorite Book (Hook Point by Brendan Cane)


Connect with Susie Carder…

Facebook: @SusieCarder

Instagram: @susiecarder

Website: (Find Susie’s book Power Your Profit here)

Click link for book and receive $5k in bonuses: Including Susie’s Cash Calculator & Financial Tool for Projections

Susie’s Favorite Book: Hook Point by Brendan Cane

Susie’s Favorite Tool: Trello


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