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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Jan 2, 2023

Eli Harris founded two successful startups before the age of 30 and is now the President and Co-Founder of R-zero, taking on his biggest challenge yet, which is to tackle the transmission of pathogens in the covid-19 era and into the future. Eli founded R-zero in April of 2020 and in less than a year, he’s made over $11 million in sales.

Listen in as Eli shares how he disrupted a 100+ year old industry and made over $11 million in sales during a global pandemic, as well as what R-zero is doing to impact the fields of healthcare and pathology. He shares insight into the benefits of using UVC towers and technological innovations to prevent infection, R-zero’s unique subscription service, and misconceptions of the accessibility of industry disruption.

During this interview, we discuss:

2:25 – Eli’s entrepreneurial journey

4:01 – About R-zero & What attracted you to pathology and pandemics?

7:08 – What is your market?

7:41 – 2 ways R-zero disrupted the disinfection industry & R-zero’s value proposition

12:48 – Identifying an audit trail and innovating a product for dynamic commercial spaces

16:58 – Creating awareness with effective marketing strategies & The importance of a great team and channel partners

21:14 – Misconceptions of industry disruption

22:44 – Eli’s favorite growth tool

23:27 – His most recommended book

23:52 – How to connect with Eli

Plus, a whole lot more!




The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clay Christensen

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