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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Sep 12, 2022

Devin Miller is an entrepreneur, intellectual property (IP) expert, a patent and trademark attorney, and the Founder and CEO of Miller IP Law. He specializes in protecting startups and entrepreneurial companies with IP legal advice, setting them up for success. Devin is here to discuss how to leverage IP to scale and potentially exit your business, giving examples based on his experience with his own business and with his clients. He details

Tune in to learn the three components of intellectual property, how to utilize patents to grow your business, and the right and wrong ways to raise capital. Plus, he shares a powerful piece of advice to keep in mind while considering the use of IP in your business strategies.

During this interview, we discuss:

2:16 – Devin’s background + About the MBA competitions Devin entered

8:27 – What is intellectual property? + What Devin does as an IP attorney

10:30 – Leveraging IP to raise capital and as a differentiation strategy

14:24 – How does a patent protect you? How can you monetize your patent?

17:27 – Good and bad ways to use a patent to raise capital

20:14 – Leveraging IP and talent in developing ongoing IP in an exit strategy

25:50 – The one piece of advice Devin would give to businesses: Have a strategy in place!

26:28 – His favorite growth tool

27:40 – His most recommended books

28:47 – How to connect with Devin

Plus, a whole lot more!



EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey

That Will Never Work by Mark Randolph

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