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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Aug 29, 2022

Bob Regnerus is an Author and Co-Founder of the digital marketing agency, Feedstories. Bob is an expert in digital marketing, specifically regarding video. Since 1998, he’s been helping his clients achieve their goals through digital media and storytelling, as he’s an expert in Facebook advertising and deep funnel marketing strategies. Bob is here to discuss those concepts, along with the value in creating a retargeting campaign and differentiating yourself against other coaches, consultants, etc. He also shares a cost of conversion comparison that is sure to peak your interest.

Tune in to learn two strategies for people in the education space, people who are coaches or consultants, service businesses, or even eCommerce businesses to implement when trying to scale and gain some ROI from Facebook advertising.

During this interview, we discuss:

1:52 – About Bob Regnerus

4:11 – When was your recent book released, what is it about, and who is it for?

5:17 – The value in pulling ideas from different sources and teaching yourself about topics you want to know about

6:49 – What is Deep Funnel Marketing and Retargeting and why are they important?

13:03 – Retargeting vs. Cold Traffic + A common mistake people make

15:02 – Most funnels repel too many people: There are people falling off your funnel that don’t need to be falling off your funnel.

17:04 – Establishing and creating a retargeting campaign

18:04 – Strategy #1 to implement when you’re trying to scale: Leading with content with the article strategy

22:33 – A cost of conversion comparison

25:47 – Strategy #2 to implement when you’re trying to scale: The video strategy

29:28 – Establishing your relationship with your customer + Differentiating yourself

30:51 – Bob’s favorite growth tool other than his own

31:56 – His most recommended books

32:51 – How to connect with Bob and buy his book

Plus, a whole lot more!

Bob's Websites and Resources:


Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising 4th Edition + Free Interviews

Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene M. Schwartz

80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall

Start With Why by Simon Sineck



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