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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Jul 4, 2022

Bryan Clayton is the CEO and Co-Founder of GreenPal, an online marketplace that connects homeowners with local lawn care professionals. He was also the Co-Founder of Peachtree. Bryan is a believer that you can grow any idea into a successful business with the “Get, Keep, Grow” concept and being relentless with learning and improving.

During this interview, we discuss:

2:42 – The story behind why Bryan decided to launch GreenPal.

4:54 – How does he fund his business?

6:26 – Bryan shares insight into the size of the business.

8:23 – He explains his concept of “Get, Keep, Grow” and how he implements it.

15:33 – What did Bryan realize he needed to apply to GreenPal to make their value stick to consumers?

18:00 – The importance of making mistakes and being relentless about constant improvement

19:39 – What you need to think about and act on in order to see growth in your business

21:49 – Bryan shares a story of why you shouldn’t always follow the footsteps of other companies.

22:39 – How to increase durability in your business

23:48 – Bryan divulges his favorite growth tool he uses to grow GreenPal.

24:47 – Then, he recommends one of his favorite books to us.

Plus, a whole lot more!

Bryan’s Website:

You can also find GreenPal on the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store!


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