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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Nov 15, 2021

Gino Barbaro is a best-selling author and Founder of Jake & Gino, an education platform helping others achieve financial freedom through multi-family real estate investing. Gino and his partner also host the #1 multi-family real estate podcast on iTunes called Wheelbarrow Profits. Gino is here to talk to us about the 7 levels of building a successful business, which really applies to any type of business. He walks us through them step by step and offers great advice for how you can launch your business to new heights while giving real examples with each level.  

During this interview, we discuss: 

1:41 – Gino’s background and how he got into real estate investing, writing, and podcasting 

5:03 – What is multi-family real estate and why do we love it? 

7:30 – First level of building a successful business: Get clear with what you want to do 

9:53 – Second level of building a successful business: Educate yourself and get a mentor 

12:46 – Third level of building a successful business: Take action! 

14:55 – Fourth level of building a successful business: Your first deal + Bootstrapping 

17:58 – Fifth level of building a successful business: Acquire more customers and deals 

21:17 – Sixth level of building a successful business: Start hiring + Build systems 

25:10 – Seventh level of building a successful business: Leave your day job + Scaling up + Create your mission statement 

27:15 – Gino shares his final thoughts on the seven levels. 

27:55 – He shares his favorite growth driver. 

28:37 – His most recommended book 

Plus, a whole lot more! 

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