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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Dec 13, 2021

Mathieu Jang co-founded the Affiliate Institute, which is one of the world's foremost affiliate marketing education platforms. He's passionate about disrupting the education system, helping people create their best lives. 

During this interview we discuss:

2:24 - He shares his backstory on how he landed in affiliate marketing and why he is so passionate about it his mission.

5:23 - Mathieu explains what the Affiliate Institute is and how it works.

6:44 - We discuss his 1 year growth and future growth plans.

7:45 - Mathieu shares the exact framework on how to acquire customers profitably 

9:17 - The power of the consultative sales approach. 

10:19 - Why understanding your numbers is critical to success. 

10:29 - Why Mathieu is not worried about recouping all of his ad cost on the front end offer.

11:21 - How to calculate your cost to acquire a customer?

12:01 - The key in order for this framework to work for you.

19:36 - Mathieu picks one business superpower he wished he had.

21:24 - He shares his favorite growth tool/software.

22:08 - Mathieu recommends one of his favorite book.

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