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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Apr 4, 2022

Jim DeCicco is the CEO and oldest brother of Super Coffee which started in a college dorm room and is now doing over $5 million per month in sales.  This is Jim's 2nd time on the podcast and the previous episodes can be found at the link below. 

Episode 102 with Jim DeCicco/ Super Coffee

During this interview we discuss:

1:30 - He shares his personal experience of being infected with the Covid19 and how it impacted him personally and as a business.

2:51 - Jim gives us an update on the companies growth since our last interview over a  year ago.

4:02 - He talks about the concept of working IN your business vs. ON your business and why it has been very instrumental to Jim's growth.

7:44 - How and why its important to create organizational capacity.

10:15 - How Jim overcame the challenge of finding the right talent and developing a company culture. 

10:50 - He talks about his C.O.A.C.H framework for building a great culture.

13:32 - Jim talks about what Super Coffee is and how the brand has evolved since launching the business. 

16:54 - We discuss the importance and roll culture has played in Super Coffee's growth.

19:45 - We discuss the challenges and concept of giving up control in order to facilitate fast growth.

23:55 - A key piece of advice from Jim if your serious about launching a successful brand.

25:12 - Jim shares one business superpower he wished he had.

AND much, much more!

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