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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Jan 10, 2022

Jackie Ulmer is a business skill and mindset coach that specializes in helping solo entrepreneurs with their marketing, messaging, follow up, and time and productivity management. She launched her business in 1994 and has sold products/services in over 40 countries using the exact strategies she teaches.

During this interview we discuss:

2:00 - Jackie tells us her unique backstory.

5:25 - She shares the business superpower she wishes she had.

11:19 - What is appreciation marketing?

13:21 - Jackie shares exactly how she uses appreciation marketing to grow her business. 

16:54 - How to stimulate conversation and enhance the relationship with your client.

20:41 - She shares some results from some of her past campaigns.

25:07 - Jackie shares her experience with referral marketing.

28:33 - She shares her favorite growth tool/software.

30:14 - Jackie recommends one of her favorite books.

Jackie's website:

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