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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

May 31, 2021

As a serial entrepreneur, Sean Matson is bringing disruptive technologies to market and empowering others along the way. With 5 deployments under his belt, Sean is no stranger to a challenge. His experience on the front lines uniquely prepared him to create innovative products for both civilian and military life. Sean shares how his high-touch customer acquisition strategy has attracted customers to his most recent endeavor, Cardomax.  

Sean Matson served 13 years as a Navy Seal before plunging into entrepreneurship full-time. Most recently, Sean launched Cardomax, a liquid supplement company committed to producing high quality supplements with clean ingredients. Sean is also CEO of MATBOCK, a veteran owned and operated business that creates lighter and more practical equipment for every environment. Additionally, Sean helped found Shop Decon, a veteran owned cleaning supplies company. His passion for business started while he was still serving in the Navy SEAL Reserves, with the launch of Strike Force Beverage and Aceso Plasma, LLC.  

Tune in to hear Sean’s story… 

2:13 – Starting a company while on duty 

3:11 – Benefits of liquid supplements (instead of powder) 

5:33 – Designing for our troops 

6:54 – Customer acquisition…even at a loss 

8:04 – Full product vs. the sample 

9:40 – Putting your money where your mouth is 

11:00 – Not your average “abandon cart” email  

13:30 – Creating customers for Life 

14:29 – Customer Acquisition Cost vs. Lifetime Value 

16:11 – The art of the reply 

17:36 – Handwritten notes & retention 

19:36 – Different is better than “better” 

23:01 – Favorite growth tool (Klavyio) and Favorite Book (The Rise of Superman) 


Connect with Sean Matson … 

Facebook: sean.matson 

Instagram: sean.matson & cardo_max 

Try Cardomax: & Sample Packs 

Sean’s Favorite Book: The Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler 

Sean’s Favorite Tool: Klaviyo  


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