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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Dec 21, 2020

Jeff Lerner started his career as a jazz musician while learning about online businesses. Since then, he has paid back his insurmountable debt by generating tens of millions of dollars in online sales, building a real estate investment company, founding and selling a two-time Ink 500 digital agency, and launching ENTRE Institute. Jeff is here to discuss the framework he used for going from $0 to $3 million a month in online sales in less than 18 months. 

Tune in to learn what’s needed to build awareness and engagement with your brand, his advertising and scaling strategies, and the ground-breaking concept Jeff is obsessed with. 

During this interview, we discuss: 

2:13 – Jeff’s background  

5:15 – What is ENTRE Institute and why did you create it? 

8:21 – Why Jeff decided to spend a year building an audience and finding out what value his audience expected from him 

12:49 – The real call to action is engagement 

13:32 – Knowing the value of an audience makes investment easier 

15:36 – Jeff’s ENTRE blueprint + The takeaway from his year in the field: People are sick of the typical “make money online” nonsense  

17:45 – His initial and current advertising and scaling strategies 

21:36 – Specific strategies he teaches people to use to grow an online business 

22:50 – The idea Jeff is currently obsessed with: Qualia  

25:22 – His favorite growth tool  

26:31 – His most recommended book 

27:56 – How to connect with Jeff 

Plus, a whole lot more! 


ENTRE Institute  

Influence by Robert Cialdini 

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