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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Sep 17, 2018

Jim Palmer is a serial entrepreneur, marketing expert and an in-demand small business coach. For the last 30 years, Jim and his wife Stephanie were practical and predictable, living a modest life in suburban Philadelphia where they raised four children. In 2016, Jim and Stephanie traded in practical and predictable for adventurous and exciting. They sold their home of 30 years to live on their boat full time and only then did Jim truly leverage his Dream Business to live his Dream Lifestyle.

During our interview we discuss:

- Jim shares how and why video and live events are his top 2 ways he gets clients today. Then he shares why Facebook is his favorite video platform for getting new clients.

- Then we discuss how and why entrepreneurs need to develop a growth mindset in order to see revenue/profit growth.

- Jim shares the #1 thing he would do differently during his 18-year career as an entrepreneur to get further faster.

- Jim talks about short term vs long term thinking and why focusing on the long-term is the key to success as an entrepreneur.

- Then he shares his favorite growth tool/software.

- Jim shares a book he highly recommends when it comes to mindset.

Jim's website: