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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Aug 23, 2018

David Quick is a “recovering bull in the china shop” who now uses his passion to help business leaders and their teams thrive. A 3-time CEO of rapid growth organizations, David now helps leaders thrive by sharpening their focus on Vision, Values, Expectations, Engagement.

David puts executive coaching, live events, keynote presentations and group sessions all to work to help create powerful herds of high performing bulls. His no-BS communication style speaks to high performing leaders of all levels.

During our interview we discussed:

- How and why he pivoted from a very successful corporate career to becoming a high growth entrepreneur.

- Then David shares his #1 strategy that he uses to get new coaching clients.

- David shares the strategy he uses to help business hire the right people to help you see significant growth.

- Then he shares why most companies hire the wrong people and how to fix that to ensure you are hiring the right person for the job.

- We talk about his biggest challenge of growing a successful business.

- Then David shares his favorite growth tool.

- Last but not least he recommends his favorite book.

David's websites: