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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Aug 20, 2018

Adrienne Dorison is the CEO of Run Like Clockwork™, a training + operations consultancy that equips entrepreneurs to design a business that runs itself. Adrienne has helped hundreds of businesses — from Fortune 500 corporations to fast-growth startups — expand profit margins and cut costs in 90 days or less through the power of operational efficiency. Adrienne enables passionate leaders to step up and achieve more {while doing less} by transitioning them from operators to CEO's, equipping them to build their companies to $10M + beyond.

During our conversation we discuss:

- Adrienne shares her favorite strategy for getting new consulting clients.

- Then we discuss her framework for creating a business that runs like clockwork with or without you.  (Operational efficiency framework)

- We discuss the pro's and con's to outsourcing vs insourcing talent.

- Then she shares her favorite growth tools/software.

- Last but not least she recommends one of her favorites books.

- PLUS a whole lot more!

Adrienne's website: