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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Jul 30, 2018

Nathan Hirsch is a serial entrepreneur, an expert in remote hiring and eCommerce guru. Selling online since 2010, Nate has sold well over $25 million worth of product through his eCommerce business. He is now the co-founder and CEO of (yes you see 3 Es there - it’s an eCommerce thing), the hands-on hiring marketplace connecting hundreds of online business owners with reliable, pre-vetted remote workers. FreeeUp is redefining how businesses are able to hire remote freelancers online.

During our interview we discuss:

- Nathan shares how and why he started his first business while still a college student.

- Nathan talks about how they hit over $1 million in year one, $5 million in year 2 and projecting 10 million in year three.

- Then we discuss Nathan's #1 strategy he used to grow Freeup to over $5 million in annual sales today.

- We talk what Nathan would do differently if given the chance to go back and start his business over today.

- Nathan shares his low risk and high reward growth strategies for startups.

- Than Nathan shares some of the recent marketing campaigns he tested that did not give him an ROI.

- We talk about the biggest challenges Nathan has faced in growing

- Nathan shares a prediction on the future of the gig economy when it comes to hiring/leveraging VA's and outsourced talent.

- He shares his favorite growth tool/software.

- Nathan wraps it up with one of his favorite books.

Nathan's websites: