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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Jul 26, 2018

Justin is the co-founder and CEO of the first ever RoboAgency, Needls, Justin has had multiple exits in his career and is one now one of the top experts in AI when it comes to leveraging it to improve your advertising ROI.

During our interview we discussed:

- Justin shares how they built a team of about 30 people managing over 1,500 clients. Needls is expected to hit $7 million in sales in 2018.

- Justin shared how his launch strategy that allowed him to do over $500,000 in his first month of business.

- Justin talks about how he was able to raise about $3 million for Needls.

- Then just shares the #1 strategy they are using to get new customers today.

- Justin discusses how and why they are able to convert 24% of their free users to paid users.

- Justin shares how he is using AI to help his clients as much as a 300% increase in click through on their ads. 

- Then he shares his favorite growth tool/software

- We close out with Justin's favorite book he recommends.

Justin's websites: