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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Jul 19, 2018

Virginia Muzquiz is well-known as the Referral Diva. She is passionately driven to teach six-figure solopreneurs the pathway to building a business that fuel their passions, fund their dreams and have MASSIVE IMPACT on the communities where they live and serve. With over 30 years of teaching, training and business building experience, Virginia has demonstrated that cultivating and leveraging social capital is the FASTEST path to profitability for the small business owner.

During our interview we discuss:

- Virginia shares her two-prong strategy for deciding what networking events you should and should NOT focus on.

- She shares why most people do not get any leads or sales from networking.

- Virginia tells why she thinks being a CONNECTOR is one of the best ways to build influence and rapport while networking.

- Virginia stresses how important first impressions are when networking.

- We talk about how important it is to build social capital with people you network with.

- Virginia shares the top 2 things she would do differently to grow her business faster if she could start all over again.

- We talk about her favorite growth tool/software.

- She then shares her favorite book on getting referrals.

Virginia's websites:

Faithful Follow Up Guide