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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Jul 16, 2018

He is an award-winning author, a globally recognized keynote speaker, business coach, and entrepreneur. He graduated High School with a 7th-grade education level then went on to create (by bootstrapping it) a successful tech start-up during the worst depression we have seen since the Great Depression. A lot of work took place in between but he eventually sold his company for millions and is now a successful serial entrepreneur.

During our interview we discussed:

- Tim shares how and why he started his first business that went on to be ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

- Tim shares how he was able to hit the ground running and being profitable in his first month and every month until he sold it.

- Tim shares his strategy on how to break through fear as an entrepreneur.

- Tim shares why he thinks the ability to develop relationships is the most important skill you need to succeed in business.

- Then Tim shares the one thing he would do differently if he could do it all over again.

- We discuss Tim's biggest challenge when growing his last business to over $20 million in sales.

- Then we discuss his favorite growth tool/software.

- Tim closed it out by sharing one of his favorite books.

Tim's website:

Get Tim's book The Power of Breaking Fear