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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Jun 28, 2018

Aaron Orendorff is the Editor in Chief of Shopify Plus and the founder of iconiContent. Last year, Aaron was named by Forbes as both a “Top 10 B2B Content Marketer” and a “Top 25 Marketing Influencer to Watch.” He’s been a contributor to sites like Mashable, Entrepreneur, Success, Business Insider, and Lifehacker. Over the last three years, Aaron’s written the top-performing and most-shared posts at Content Marketing Institute, Unbounce, Copyblogger, and GetResponse.

In addition to all that, Aaron is the father of three daughters, two bunnies, and the husband of one wife.

During the interview we discuss:

- Aaron shares why he hates Wikipedia plus several lessons he learned about how to write and structure content to make them rank higher on Google.

- Aaron then shares an experiment he ran that helped him to get a top ranking on Google in top 3 in less than 48 hours.

- Aarons shares a super secret hack that he uses to ensure that people read his long-form articles.

- Then he shares one really important step he takes before he creates new content.

- Aaron shares one of his favorite hacks for getting authority sites to link to his long-form content.

- 5 proven steps to getting ranked on page 1 of Google 

- Aaron shares his favorite growth tool/software.

- Aaron then goes onto sharing his favorite book on growth hacking.

Aaron's website: