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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Jun 25, 2018

Jay Gibb is the CEO of a B2B SaaS company called CloudSponge and a partner at a distributed software engineering consulting agency called Arizona Bay. He and his team have built hundreds of online businesses with entrepreneurs during his career and he’s an expert at helping non-technical entrepreneurs build new software products and manage technology teams for their ventures.

During our conversation we discuss:

- Jay shares how and why he started Cloudsponge.

- Jay shares 4 of his top strategies that Cloudsponge uses to get new customers today.

- He talks about his sales outreach strategy for landing enterprise customers.

- Jay shares 3 tips on how to get who visit your website to share your products/services with their friends and family online. 

- Jay shares how a tool like Cloudsponge can literally double the number of online referrals for its clients.

- Jay shares #1 thing he would do differently to get further faster, given the chance to go back to the early days of Cloudsponge.

- We talk about Jay's favorite growth tool/software.

- Lastly, Jay shares his favorite book.

Jay Gibb's websites: