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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

May 28, 2018

Diana Mitchell is a marketing consultant turned ghostwriter who has written for Fortune 500, Inc. 500/5000 and #1 New York Times Bestselling CEOs and C-Suite Executives. In a marketing career that spans more than 15 years, she has worked with global brands like Marriott, Harvey Nash and Aon Hewitt. After 7 years in marketing consulting, she founded Content for CEOs to focus on ghostwriting for executives to help them build stronger personal brands, land more speaking engagements and ultimately grow their businesses.

During our call we discuss:

- Diana shares a simple 3 step formula she used to increase her clients traffic, social engagement and sales by over 40%.

- We talk about the power of leveraging data in making decisions about creating content.

- Diana talks about the easiest way to figure out what your type of content your audience really wants.

- We talk about her favorite growth tool/software.

- Diana shares her favorite book.

Diana's website: