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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Jan 29, 2018

How bootstrapped itself from startup to over $265,000 in monthly recurring income

Jon Brody is the CEO and co-founder of Ladder, a growth solutions company that combines machine learning and a recommendation engine to execute ROI-driven strategy for businesses.

Jon is serial entrepreneur and a former professional poker player with two exits under his belt (Velocity Chess and FullGlass), Jon is focused on building the world’s largest data set for performance marketing to remove the guesswork from growth and make ROI-driven strategy accessible to everyone.

During our interview he shares…

What exactly is growth hacking?

  • What growth strategies and hacks did Ladder use to go from startup to over $265,000 a month in recurring income.
  • Jon shares tips to help business owners start hacking their growth.
  • He also shares his favorite growth tool.
  • And much more...

Jon’s Websites: