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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Mar 28, 2019

Brian Mac Mahon is a serial entrepreneur and investor and has owned companies in over 35 countries. He is also the owner of Expert DOJO, who are the fastest growing startup accelerator in Southern California. At Expert DOJO early stage startups receive investment, success coaching, advice, and specialist help in all areas of their business growth. In 2017 Expert DOJO brought 400 companies through their startup programs and made 4 investments. They are planning to bring 2,000 companies through their program this year and make 25 investments.

During our interview we discuss:

- Brian shares why and how he started Expert Dojo.

- He shares his 3 step process for evaluating if a startup business is worth investing in.

- Why Brian only invests in businesses that are pain killers vs vitamins.

- Brian shares his theory on how to build a unicorn and it might surprise you.

- We talk about how the "skill gap" of founders is a good indicator of if they will be able to execute on the business plan.

-Brian talks about why it's important that the founders have a plan to scale the business for at least 18 months.

- He shares why the mindset of the founders is an excellent indicator that they have the perseverance.

- He shares his favorite growth tool/software.

- Brian recommends one of his favorite books.

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