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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Feb 15, 2018

Tom Schwab is the founder of Interview Valet. Where he helps small business owners, entrepreneurs, authors and speakers get featured on leading podcasts that their prospects are already listening to.  He has been featured on over 1,000 podcasts and is the author of "Podcast Guest Profits."

During our interview we discuss...

- Is it better to start a podcast or to be a guest on an established podcast?

- Why being a podcast guest works so well to build trust with your target audience.

- Real success stories from Tom's clients that have leverage being a podcast guest to generate new clients.

- What is the best way to convert podcast listeners into real leads.

- What are the biggest mistakes podcast guest make.

- Tom shares what he would have done differently to grow faster if he could start Interview Valet all over.

- What is the #1 way that Interview Valet get's new clients today.

- We talk about his favorite growth tools/software.

Tom's websites...