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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Mar 28, 2022

Anik Singal is the founder and CEO of and he's widely considered as one of today's most successful digital publishing marketers. Anik teaches people how to create their own online hash and based businesses as he guides them through his processes to maximize profit and grow revenues. He's trained over 250,000 students but more impressively, he's generated over $250 million dollars in sales virtually all of that being online and a lot of them are from webinars. He's been ranked by Inc. Magazine two times for his company as one of the Inc. 500 which is one of the fastest-growing private company in America. This is Anik's 2nd time on the podcast and the previous episode can be found at the link below.

E81 – Four Stages of Growing a Successful Business with Anik Singal

During this interview we discuss:

3:15 - Anik gave us a quick summary and backstory of the previous podcast episode 81.

4:22 - A quick story about how Anik founded and what is its vision and mission.

8:14 - Why Webinars are not dead and how it made a huge comeback especially on what's happening nowadays.

8:51 - How and why webinars are more powerful than ever for driving sales.

10:54 - Anik shared the 4 stages of a webinar and how he regulary gets 2,000 to 3,000 people LIVE on his webinars.

13:20 - How data has played a very important part in Anik's entrepreneurial career.

14:02 - The 1st stage: Getting Registrations and he shared to us his biggest secret on how to get registrations.

16:44 - How you can get a book done really really quick to enhance your webinar offering.

19:19 - The 2nd Stage: Warm-Up. Find out how he prepares his audience and gets then excited about the live event. 

21:48 - The 3rd Stage: Live webinar. The one things he does differently in his webinar that has helped show up rate, engagement and conversions. 

24:31 - The 4th Stage: Post-Webinar. Anik shares his system for more than doubling the show up rate to the webinar. 

25:41 - The difference between an encore vs a teplay eebinar?

26:55 - Anik shared how they extend their offer by 7-10 days and still get 33% more revenue.

28:35 - How he segment people using the "upside-down product launch formula"

PLUS a whole lot more!

Anik's Websites:

Check out Anik's podcast "The Fighting Entrepreneur"


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