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Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

Sep 19, 2019

Benjamin Shapiro is a brand development & marketing strategy consultant. He left a successful career in business development at eBay to become an entrepreneur that has run a bootstrapped
startup, multiple marketing teams at early-stage VC-backed companies, and an independent consulting & content business.

Benjamin specializes in helping growth-stage companies understand how to identify the overlap between corporate identity and customer needs to build an effective marketing strategy. He is also the producer & host of the top-rated MarTech Podcast.

During our interview we discuss:

- Ben shared why he decided to leave corporate America and start up his own business.

- He shares the 1 thing he wishes he knew before he quit his job to become an entrepreneur.

- We talk about one of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs make when launching their business. PLUS 2 strategies on how to avoid it.

- Ben shares the #1 strategy he uses to get new clients for his marketing consulting business.

- Why he started his MarTech podcast and the impact it has had on his business.

- Ben shares his thoughts and strategy behind truly understanding your brand to help ensure success.

- He shares an important exercise to make sure all of the leadership and stakeholders are on the same page.

- Why its critical important to ask and understand what your prospective customers want, need as well as where they spend their time.

- The third and final piece is to create a strategy to go to market.

- Should you outsource channel expertise like Facebook advertising, Google ads?

- Ben shares his favorite growth tool/software.

- He shares one of his favorite books.

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